Table III.

Growth patterns of Cu-GUS and Cu-ipt tobacco from the in vivo experiment following 30 d of exposure to Cu

StrainWhole PlantLateral BudsNode No.2-a
Cu-GUS14.5  (0.76)a8.6  (0.47)a1.2  (0.25)a4.5  (0.64)a2.1  (0.17)a4.1  (0.57)a
Cu-ipt 14.9  (0.62)a11.8  (0.39)b3.3  (0.21)b7.0  (0.52)b2.7  (0.12)b5.6  (0.41)a
P > 0.05P < 0.0001P < 0.0001P = 0.0009P = 0.0083P > 0.05

Data presented are the estimates of the least-squares means of the morphological characteristics measured. ses are in parentheses. Those figures in each column followed by a different letter are significantly different at P ≤ 0.05.

    • F2-a The node from which axillary buds were released (nodes were numbered upward from the base).