Table III.

PAM fluorescence characteristics

ConditionFluorescence Parameter2-a
FmaxFmax (+ N)Fmax (+ FR)Fmax(+ FR + N)F0 (+ FR)Fv/Fmax (+ FR)ΔF/Fmax2-b
TAP20621121021255 0.738 0.459 
TAP-P172183187198750.599  (81%)0.151  (33%)
TAP-S156184201209880.562  (76%)0.107  (23%)
Sacl-S170188207215640.624  (84%)0.398  (87%)

Measurements are the means of two independently grown cultures on equal amounts of chlorophyll. The difference between the mean of the measurements is less than 5%, except for the F 0and the ΔF/F max of replete-grown cells, which is 6%. Values in parentheses are relative to unstarved wild-type cells.

    • F2-a N, Nigericin; FR, far-red light.

    • F2-b During exposure to 659 μmol photons m−2 s−1.