Table I.

Kanamycin resistance of control clv1-1 plants and those exhibiting a range of suppression of the clv1 phenotype after transformation with a cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter∷KAPP cDNA construct

SampleResistance to Kanamycin-a
Control transformed-b 100
Control untransformed0
Not suppressed-c 66
Partially suppressed-c 40
Completely suppressed-c 31
  • F0-a Resistance is expressed as the percentage of plants that survived treatment on plates containing 50 μg mL−1 kanamycin.

  • F0-b These plants were homozygous for an enhancer trap line 553–643 (Goddijn et al., 1993).

  • F0-c Degree of suppression is based on visual examination of the clv1 phenotype compared with untransformed controlclv1-1 plants.