Table I.

Size comparison of sequenced chloroplast genomes, three large mitochondrial genomes, and a cyanobacterial genome

GenomeLength in Base PairsNo. of Protein-Coding GenesNo. of rRNA Clusters
ct Porphyra(U38804)191,0282002
ct Cyanophora(U30821)135,5991362
ct Odontella(Z67753)119,7041242
ct Marchantia(X04465)121,024842
ct Chlorella(AB001684)150,613781
ct Nicotiana(S54304)155,844762
ct Oryza(X15901)134,525762
ct Zea(X86563)140,387762
ct Pinus(D17510)119,707691
ct Euglena(Z11874)143,170583
ct Plasmodium(X95275-6)29,422232
ct Epifagus(M81884)70,028212
mtReclinomonas -a 69,034631
mtMarchantia -b 186,608411
mtArabidopsis -c 366,924311
Synechocystissp.-d 3,573,47031682

Due to length limitations in this forum, accession numbers (in parentheses) rather than references are given for plastids.