Table I.

Release of volatile compounds in mock and TMV-inoculated tobacco

Volatile CompoundMockTMV
Methyl salicylaten.d.-a 402  ± 53
BD3.6  ± 0.58.7  ± 1.1

Seven-week-old tobacco plants were inoculated with TMV on every expanded leaf and 72 h later were placed in a split-flask apparatus. Air was pulled through the apparatus at a flow rate of 100 mL/min. Volatile organics were collected onto a Tenax column at the exit port of the flask. Volatile BD and methyl salicylate were measured by thermal desorption GC-MS. Values (±se/plant) are given as total amounts collected during 3 h. Each plant was of equal age and size. The lowest detectable level for methyl salicylate and BD was less than 1 ng.

    • F0-a n.d., Signifies nondetectable amounts.