Table I.

Pi levels in roots and shoots from the homolog (A) and split-root experiments (B)

ExperimentSpeciesTissueTreatmentAverage Pi Content
μg Pi mg−1dry wt
AM. truncatulaRoot+Pi control3.76 (0.04)
Root−Pi control1.23 (0.07)
Shoot+Pi control5.13 (0.00)
Shoot−Pi control2.47 (0.15)
Root+Pi half3.51 (0.05)
Root−Pi half1.66 (0.02)
Shoot±Pi6.11 (0.08)
Shoot±Fungus2.93 (0.09)
BSoybeanShoot+P4.52 (0.80)
Shoot−P1.29 (0.17)
CornShoot+P2.18 (0.28)
Shoot−P0.66 (0.10)
TomatoShoot+P1.67 (0.27)
Shoot−P1.06 (0.34)

The Pi content was determined using a phosphomolybdate assay and is the average of three determinations (n = 3). Numbers in parentheses are sd values.