Table II.

Inhibition of proteinase activity in extracts from 30-month-old tubers by nonheated and heated crude extracts and PMC from 6-month-old tubers

Source of InhibitorFITC-Casein Hydrolysis
units mg−1 protein h−1 % inhibition
No inhibitor80.30
6-month-old tuber extract12.884
Heat-treated 6-month-old tuber extract72.99
PMC from 6-month-old tubers10.587
Heat-treated PMC from 6-month-old tubers76.35

FITC-casein hydrolysis was determined by incubating extracts from 30-month-old tubers at 37°C (60 min) with or without inhibitors. Inhibitors included heat-treated (95°C, 10 min) or nonheated crude extract (160 μg of protein equivalents) and PMC (65 μg of protein equivalents) from 6-month-old tubers.lsd 0.05 = 15.8 units mg−1protein h−1.