Table II.

High-CO2-requiring strains and constructs of cyanobacteria

Strain or ConstructMutant PhenotypeProcess DisruptedExplanation
M3 and D41-a Lack of carboxysomesRubisco packagingCarboxysomes fail to form; Rubisco is located in cytoplasm
Strain with Rhodospirillum rubrumRubisco1-b Rubisco in cytoplasmRubisco packagingBacterial Rubisco does not locate to carboxysome
Extension of Rubisco small subunit1-c Empty carboxysomesRubisco packagingRubisco cannot package into carboxysome
Cmp deletions1-d ABC transporter lostHCO3 accumulationHigh-affinity HCO3 transport lost
HCA II transformant1-e CA in cytoplasmHCO3 accumulationAccumulated HCO3 leaks out as CO2
IcfA deletion1-f Loss of carboxysome CACO2 generationHCO3 not converted to CO2 in carboxysome
Numerousndh deletions1-g Loss of NADH dehydrogenaseEnergy mutationsCyclic electron flow is disrupted