Table III.

Endogenous ABA levels in the leaves of M. quadrifolia produced under various conditions

Growth ConditionLeaf FormABA Content
pmol g−1 fresh wt
 ControlSubmerged220.9  ± 11.8
 Blue LightAerial250.0  ± 28.5
FieldAerial266.4  ± 105.7

Aerial leaves grown in the field or induced by blue light in culture contain ABA levels similar to submerged leaves produced in culture. ABA contents are the averages ± sd of three samples. Leaves were pooled from different plants to give 1 to 2 g fresh weight of tissue per sample. ABA contents were detected with ELISA using monoclonal antibodies against ABA.

    • F2-a Plants were cultured in the basal medium (Laetsch, 1967). The leaves were harvested from plants grown in culture for 7 weeks.