Table I.

The effect of MP on O2 consumption in the light and in dark

ConditionInitial Rate of O2 ConsumptionNet O2 Consumption
μmol O2 mg−1 chlorophyll hr−1 μmol mg−1 chlorophyll
Light260  ± 43.8  ± 0.03
Dark210  ± 42.4  ± 0.16

Two milliliters of 5 mm Mes and 1 mmCaSO4, pH 6.0, contained 3 × 106 cells. MP (13.2 μm) was added to cell suspensions that were irradiated with actinic light and to suspensions kept in the dark. Mean initial rates of O2 consumption after MP addition and mean net O2 consumption values are shown. se values are included (n = 3). Wilcoxon rank sign analysis indicates that the probability that both of these parameters are not significantly different from the light to the dark is 0.05.