Table I.

Resistance responses of cv Pallas NILs and cv Pallas chemically induced by DCINA upon inoculation with BghA6

ReactionInteraction Sites
Haustorium/elongated secondary hypha
 30 65541035
 48 6851026
Effective papilla-b
 22 3221589940
 48 2210219832
HR (epidermis)-c
 22 101740131
 30 182876143
HR (mesophyll)
 30 00000

Interaction phenotypes were microscopically analyzed at 22, 30, and 48 h after inoculation. The data represent each 100 interaction sites per leaf. Each of three independent experiments gave very similar results.

    • F0-a Results shown are from a plant treated with wettable powder as a control for plants treated with DCINA. Wettable powder did not affect the interaction (not shown).

    • F0-b Effective papilla in dead cells were evaluated as HR (epidermis).

    • F0-c In BCPMla12, HR occurred after penetration, whereas in all other NILs, dead cells did not contain a haustorium.