Table I.

Test for dominance and allelism

Test and CrossPhenotypic ClassExpected Ratio
Dominance Cnr +-a
Cnr/Cnr × +/+ F2self79203:1
Allelism Cnr, ++, + Cnr, mut-b +, mut
Cnr/Cnr × rin/rin F2self142139:3:3:1
rin/rin ×Cnr/Cnr F2 self48629:3:3:1
Nr/Nr × Cnr/Cnr BC-c(male) 8*-d 752:1:1
Nr/Nr × Cnr/Cnr BC (female)12*532:1:1
Nr-2/Nr-2 ×Cnr/Cnr BC (male)
  Fruit A-e 22*662:1:1
  Fruit B9*132:1:1
Gr/Gr ×Cnr/Cnr BC (male)
  Fruit A12*572:1:1
  Fruit B12*762:1:1
  • F0-a +, Wild-type phenotype.

  • F0-b mut, The phenotype of the ripening mutant tested in the cross.

  • F0-c BC indicates a back-cross of the F1parent to either male or female wild type. In allelism tests, expected ratios assume independent segregation.

  • F0-d Asterisk indicates that the Cnr, + phenotype could not be distinguished from the Cnr, mut double-mutant phenotype, and so the two classes were pooled. These two classes could be distinguished only in the case of rin because of the macrocalyx phenotype tightly linked to the rinmutation.

  • F0-e Fruit A or B indicates progeny from two single fruit.