Table II.

α-Tubulin probes used for northern analysis

ProbeTemplate (Excluding Vector)Nucleotide Identity
tua1UTRGhTua1 (419–645)10046374539
tua2UTRGhTua2 (416–755)43100894340
tua4UTRGhTua4 (375–575)48414810038
tua5UTRGhTua5 (404–587)38493941100
tua2ORFGhTua2 (1–415)88100998378

α-32P-labeled antisense RNA probes were transcribed from the cDNA clones (Fig. 1) following linearization with the appropriate restriction enzyme. Probes tua1UTR, tua2UTR, tua4UTR, and tua5UTR were transcribed from the 3′-UTR of the corresponding cDNA, whereas tua2ORF was transcribed from an ORF fragment. The nucleotide identity of the probes to each α-tubulin cDNA are shown. Values in parentheses are the corresponding nucleotide numbers.