Table III.

The effect of pH in the presence or absence of boric acid on the wall pore size of C. album cells

pH 7.0pH 2.5pH 2.0pH 1.5pH 1.0
1 h
 No boric acid3.53-a>7.03-b
 1 mm Boric acid3.>7.0
2.5 h
 No boric acidND3-c ND3.75.0ND
 1 mm Boric acidNDND3.73.8ND
24 h
 No boric acid3.53.54.5>7.0>7.0
 1 mm Boric acid3.>7.0

C. album cells were grown in the presence of boric acid (100 μm) and then denatured with ethanol. The denatured cells (4 g) were treated for the specified times in 100 mmHCl/KCl or Na phosphate (20 mL) of different pH and in the presence or absence of boric acid. The cells were then transferred to 20 mm Na phosphate, pH 6.5, and the MSL of their walls determined.

    • F3-a MSL of walls at time zero.

    • F3-b MSL beyond the limit of the assay.

    • F3-c ND, Not determined.