Table II.

Summary data for cDNAs isolated in this study

Largest Clone (No. Cloned)cDNA SizemRNA SizeTemporal ExpressionSpatial ExpressionHomologyGenomic Copy No.Accession No.
PrMC62,0202,300            T1 Mi NDIntermediate AA220862
PrThL1 (3)1,0401,480 Me-a Me-at T1 Mi NDThaumatin/permatinIntermediate AA220863
PrLTP1 (10*)630950 Me-a Me-at T1 Mi TapetumNon-specific lipid transfer proteinHigh U90342 * (AI857146)
PrMC75620750 Me-a Me-at T1 Mi Mi-si NDLow AA220866
PrMC1 (3)611650 Me-a Me-at T1 Mi TapetumA9 tapetum-expressed geneLow U90350 *
PrChS1 (4)1,4681,350 Me-a Me-at T1 Mi Mi-si TapetumChalcone synthase/ stilbene synthaseLow U90341 *
PrLTP2 (2)582800            T1 TetradsNon-specific lipid transfer proteinND AF110332 *
PrMC1031,3752,100      Me-at T1 Mi NDLow AA220871
PrMC104703620               Mi Mi-si NDIntermediate AA220872
PrMC1364502,800 Me-a Me-at T1 Mi NDLow AA220874
PrMC187 (5)1,3301,300      Me-at T1 Mi Mi-si NDIntermediate AI857147
PrMC2750820 Me-a Me-at T1 Mi Mi-si TapetumA9 tapetum-expressed geneLow U90343 *
PrMC3 (4)1,1071,700 Me-a Me-at T1 Mi NDSer hydrolaseLow AF110333 *

The number of cross-hybridizing clones in each cDNA group is in brackets adjacent to the name of the largest clone. Transcript size was derived from northern analysis. Temporal and spatial expression data are summarized from northern-blot and in situ hybridization data; developmental stage abbreviations are from Table I. Copy number data are derived from Southern analysis. The accession numbers are for the sequence of the largest clone in each group. Asterisks indicate that the complete sequence of cDNA has been determined, the remaining sequences are lodged in the database as expressed sequence tags. Accession number of the largest clone in the second PrLTP1 subgroup is in parentheses. ND, Not determined.