Table I.

Statistics of Golgi stack movement in cortical regions and cytoplasmic strands of two cells per experiment

Control3.3 μmNocodazole
Cortical regionTransvacuolar strandCortical regionTransvacuolar strand
Average velocity (μm/s)0.03–0.460.11–1.550.09–1.330.12–2.37
Maximal velocity (μm/s)0.34–2.410.49–3.850.34–2.780.49–4.19
% Fast stacks0–64–420–72–73
% Streaming stacks (30 s)0, 014, 470, 244, 94

Fifty randomly selected stacks in two different cells for either region per treatment (eight cells total) were traced for 30 s. Instantaneous velocities were calculated for every stack at all time intervals. Ranges of maximal and average velocities for all stacks from both cells per region are given. “% Fast stacks” indicates the range of percentages of stacks at any moment that display velocities ≥1 μm/s. “% Streaming stacks” gives the fraction of stacks in the two cells whose movement shows a streaming coefficient ≥ 0.2 over the entire observation period.