Table I.

Summary of transgene expression and intron splicing

PAT1:GUS FusionNo. of Lines1-aRelative PAT1:GUS mRNA Accumulation1-bPercent Spliced1-c
Intronless fusions
 pAR281 (+ PstI site)21.60.9–2.2
WithPAT1 intron 1
 pAR282 (+ PstI site)15.695.6
 pAR284 (In-frame)24.03.9––93.3
Spliceable introns
Unspliceable introns
 Reverse20.6Both 0.6<2Both <2
 5′ Splice site43.02.6–3.3<2All <2
  • F1-a The number of independent, homozygous, single-copy lines tested for each transgene.

  • F1-b The average amount of GUS-hybridizing mRNA in each line relative to pAR254 line B4, corrected for variations in loading using the endogenousPAT1 mRNA signal.

  • F1-c The average proportion of RT-PCR product derived from spliced mRNA.

  • F1-d Aberrantly spliced.