Table II.

Activation-tagged mutants that have been characterized molecularly

ScreenMutantPhenotypeOverexpressed Gene2-aRecapitulation of Phenotype
Mutant DNA2-b35S∷cDNA/35S∷gDNA2-cEnhancer vector2-d
1 ft-9D Early floweringY+2-e +n/d2-f
1 esc-1D Late flowering; leaf growthYn/d++
1 jaw-1D Late flowering; leaf growthYn/dn/d+
1 jaw-2D Late flowering; leaf growthYn/dn/dsee jaw-1D
1 yuc-1D Elongated hypocotyl and internodesYSeeyuc-2D n/dn/d
1 top1-1D Abnormal siliqueYn/d+n/d
1 lab1-1D Late floweringY2-g n/dn/d
1 jba-1D Enlarged shoot meristem; abnormal leaf polarityNn/dn/dn/d
2 cdr1-1D Disease resistantY++n/d
2 pap1-1D Increased anthocyanin productionYn/d++
2 cds1-1D Disease sensitiveYn/dn/dn/d
3 bas1-1D Short hypocotylY++n/d
3 bas2-1D Short hypocotylY+n/dn/d
3 bas3-1D Short hypocotylYn/dn/dn/d
4 yuc-2D Elongated hypocotyl and internodesY+n/dn/d

See Table I for definition of screens.

    • F2-a Y, Detected next to the right T-DNA border; N, was not detected.

    • F2-b Plants were retransformed with plant DNA and adjacent CaMV 35S enhancers rescued from the original mutant.

    • F2-c Transformation with cDNA (all except top1-1d) or genomic DNA spanning the overexpressed transcription unit fused to the CaMV promotor.

    • F2-d Transformation with genomic DNA cloned into pMN19 or pMN20 containing CaMV 35S enhancers (see Fig.1B).

    • F2-e +, Confirmed.

    • F2-f n/d, Not determined.

    • F2-g −, Not confirmed.