Table III.

Activation-tagged mutants that have been confirmed in the second generation but not characterized in detail

1yozhikNarrow leaf blade; partial loss of apical dominance, stunted inflorescence
19194Reduced internode elongation
194A2Narrow, buckled leaves; short inflorescence
1G031Small; reduced internode elongation
1J305Reduced internode elongation
1M004Small; round, ruffled leaves
1Q842Porcupine-like; short inflorescence, loss of apical dominance
1Q790Pale; small; loss of apical dominance
1Q650Compact, lobed leaves
1M553Long, thin rosette leaves
1X7A0Small; compact rosette
1Y004Leaves rolled upwards; short inflorescence
13TB4Dark green
5das1Suppresses dwarf phenotype of det2-1
6gAT10Suppresses non-flowering ofga1-3 in short days
6gAT11Suppresses non-flowering of ga1-3 in short days
6gAT14Suppresses non-flowering of ga1-3 in short days

See Table I for definition of screens.