Table I.

Use of XAS to determine the chemical form of Se accumulated in shoots and roots of Indian mustard and broccoli (both Brassicaceae) supplied with different forms of Se

Form of Se SuppliedType of PlantForm of Se in Plant TissueTotal Absorption1-a% Volatilized (of Se Absorbed)
μg Se
SelenateBroccoli or Indian mustardSelenate; small amount of SeMet382 ± 1511.8
SeleniteBroccoli or Indian mustardAll SeMet157 ± 616.3
SeMetBroccoli or Indian mustardAll SeMet529 ± 11421.5
DMSePIndian mustardUnknown organic form1-b 953 ± 37559.6

These data are summarized from Figs. 3B and 4 (de Souza et al., 1998;Zayed et al., 1998).

    • F1-a Total absorption is the sum of the amount of Se volatilized and the amount accumulated in plant tissues after 8 d.

    • F1-b The unknown organic Se form most closely resembles a mixture of 80% SeCys and 20% DMSeP.