Table I.

The red- (R) to far-red-light (FR) 1-a ratio inside tomato (cv UC-82B) pericarp increases during ripening

Light QualityFull Sun1-bStage of Tomato Fruit Development
R1-c 1.8840.0050.0200.023
FR1-d 1.7210.0170.0220.021
R/FR ratio1.0950.2950.9321.100

Values (μmol m−2 s−1 nm−1) for R and FR were obtained using a spectroradiometer under full sun. Nearly identical results were obtained in two independent experiments. Fruits were ripened on plants in the greenhouse and harvested on the same day at different stages of development.

    • F1-a As defined by Smith, 1982.

    • F1-b Athens, GA; August 1997, between noon and 1pm.

    • F1-c Mean fluence rate (μmol m−2 s−1 nm−1; 665–675 nm).

    • F1-d Mean fluence rate (μmol m−2s−1 nm−1; 725–735 nm).