Table I.

Phenotypes of gain-of-function axr2-1, axr3-1, and shy2-2 mutants

PhenotypeMutant Genotype
 Growth rateNormalReducedReduced
 Auxin sensitivityReducedVery reducedNormal
 Lateral rootsMore than w.t.Fewer than w.t.
 Adventitious rootsFewer than w.t.More than w.t.Fewer than w.t.
 Root hairsFewer than w.t.Fewer than w.t.Normal
 Inflorescence stemsAgravitropicUprightUpright
Dark growth

Phenotypes are from the following references: For axr2-1: Wilson et al. (1990); Timpte et al. (1992); Timpte et al. (1994); this work. For axr3-1: Leyser et al. (1996). Forshy2-2: Reed et al. (1998); Tian and Reed (1999). w.t., Wild type.