Table I.

The two most frequently cited research papers published in Plant Physiology from each year: 1980–1998

Citations1-aFirst AuthorVolumePageYearSubject1-b
 21Fryer, MJ1165711998Guard cell protein kinase
 21Li, JX1167851998Photosynthesis under stress
 42Nomura, T113311997Brassinosteroids
 40Weig, A1141,3471997Aquaporin gene family
 69Xu, DP1102491996LEA proteins in stress tolerance
 57May, MJ1101,3671996Reactive oxygen species in defense
 98Kishore, PBK1081,3871995Proline and osmotolerance
 82Phillips, AL1081,0491995GA20-oxidase cloning
168Reed, JW1041,1391994Functions of PhyA and PhyB
115Wan, YC104371994Barley transformation
177Nagatani, A1022691993PhyA mutants
136Weeks, JT1021,0771993Wheat transformation
126Farmer, EE989951992Gene regulation by jasmonate
105Höfte, H995611992Aquaporins
217Thomas, RB966271991Root restriction and photosynthesis
155Rasmussen, JB971,3421991Systemic induction of salicylate
138Samac, DA939071990Genes encoding chitinases
125Poorter, H946211990Carbon and nitrogen economy of wild species
300Apostol, I901091989Oxidative burst during elicitation
297Sage, RF895901989Acclimation of photosynthesis to elevated CO2
449Mauch, F889361988Antifungal hydrolases
177Mauch, F873251988Antifungal hydrolases
292Demmig, B842181987Role of the xantophyll cycle
171Walker-Simmons, B84611987Abscisic acid and sprouting
203Norby, RJ82831986CO2enrichment and growth of oak seedlings
166Romheld, V801751986Uptake of iron phytosiderophores
306Inskeep, WP774831985Extinction coefficients of Chla and Chlb
192Finkelstein, RR786301985Abscisic acid and seed maturation
289Ray, TB758271984Chlorsulfuron site of action
261Shaner, DL765451984Imidozalines and AHA synthase
255Evans, JR722971983Nitrogen and photosynthesis in flag leaf
238Nothnagel, EA719161983GalUA oligosaccharides as elicitors
319Flores, HE697011982High-performance liquid chromatography of polyamines
306Gallagher, SR701,3351982Characterization of plasma membrane [H+]ATPase
192Hahn, MG681,1611981Cell wall elicitors of phytoalexins
181Graham, JH685481981Mechanism of P-inhibition of mycorrhiza
451Mullet, JE658141980Chlorophyll proteins of photosystem I
297Badger, MR664071980CO2concentrating mechanism in Chlamydomonas
  • F1-a  No. of citations since date of publication; analysis was performed with ISI database in December 1999; for the later years (1995–1998), papers not on the list could displace the two papers now at the top if the analysis is repeated several years from now.

  • F1-b  Only research papers have been included. Reviews were eliminated from the list.