Table I.

Shoot dry wt (mg/plant1-a ±sd) of two M. truncatula lines and a M. sativa cultivar as a control, 39 DPI by A145 and RCR2011 strains of S. meliloti

Medicago sp.S. melilotiStrains
M. truncatulaDZA315.1635.01-a ± 4.025.0b ± 3.06.5d ± 1.0
M. truncatula Jemalong 66.6d ± 1.016.0c ± 5.06.0d ± 1.0
M. sativa cv Gemini24.7b ± 4.023.5b ± 2.83.7d ± 0.8
  • F1-a  Mean values of 20 plants. Identical letters indicate that the dry wt averages are not significantly different at P = 5% using the Student's ttest.