Table II.

Frequency of selected seed and seedling phenotypes in M2 of 0.15% EMS-treated seed

Seed PhenotypesSeedling Pigmentation2-c
Tan seed coat2-aStay green2-bAlbinoChloroticPale greenTotal seedling pigmentation
17.5 ± 3.20.20 ± 0.030.4 ± 0.73.5 ± 1.82.0 ± 1.75.8 ± 3.1
  • F2-a  Tan seed coat phenotypes were scored on seed obtained from individual pods representing four groups of >30 pod each group. Data are expressed as the percentage of seed pod containing at least one scorable phenotype.

  • F2-b  Stay green phenotypes were scored on three samples of =4,000 seed each.

  • F2-c  Pigmentation phenotypes were scored on 7-d-old aeroponically grown seedlings. A total of 17 seed pools were analyzed, each derived from 40 randomly collected seed pods, with an average of 70 ± 9.4 germinated individuals/pool.