Table I. Interaction of LDAP3 with liposomes of various phospholipid compositions

For specific phospholipid compositions of synthetic liposomes, see Supplemental Table S1. BIM, Bcl-2-interacting mediator of cell death; GroEL, chaperonin 60 heat shock protein.

LD-like liposomes0.33 ± 0.08NDbND
ER-like liposomes0.38 ± 0.110.045 ± 0.025ND
Mitochondrial outer membrane-like liposomes0.35 ± 0.110.048 ± 0.013ND
Plasma membrane-like liposomes0.48 ± 0.110.079 ± 0.08ND
  • a Calculated dissociation constant values for protein-liposome-binding assays presented in Figure 2B. Data presented are averages ± se from three separate experiments.

  • b ND, Not determined. This represents samples where a binding curve that saturates was not observed (see Fig. 2B); therefore, it was not possible to calculate an accurate dissociation constant value.