Table I.

Relative formation of phytoprostanes F1and E1 in vivo and in vitro

SamplePPF1PPE1Ratio of PPF1 to PPE1
Fresh leaves
 Free0.076 ± 0.0040.037 ± 0.0052∶1
 Esterified11.24 ± 1.520.13 ± 0.00486∶1
Autoxidized linolenate
 Protic solvent 2,3005,6000.41∶1
 Aprotic solvent11,700 30039∶1

Levels of free and esterified phytoprostanes in peppermint leaves (micrograms per gram of dry wt.), as well as levels of phytoprostanes in autoxidized linolenate samples (micrograms per gram of linolenic acid) were determined by GC-MS. Analysis were performed in triplicate. Values are means ± sd (n = 3).