Table I.

Effect of ethephon on ABA contents and shoot growth in G. aparine and tomato

pmol g−1 fresh wt g shoot−1 fresh wt
G. aparine
 Control142 ± 80.71 ± 0.02
 Ethephon420 ± 161-a 0.56 ± 0.051-a
 Control522 ± 132.69 ± 0.20
 Ethephon856 ± 141-a 2.20 ± 0.261-a

G. aparine and wild-type tomato plants (cv Ailsa Craig) at the second whorl/leaf stage were root-treated with 0.5 mmethephon hydroponically and immunoreactive ABA levels were measured in shoot tissue after 24 h. For determination of changes in shoot fresh wt., plants were incubated for 75 h (tomato) and 96 h (G. aparine). Data are means ± se of four replicates statistically analyzed using a t test.

    • F1-a  Significantly different to control atP < 0.05.