Table I.

SSLP analysis of the (Arabidopsis Col × A. lyrata) × Arabidopsis Ler backcross population

Arabidopsis ChromosomeSSLP Marker (cM)1-aSize (bp) of Amplified FragmentMarker Assortment in Individual Backcross Progenies1-b
ColLerlyrPattern 12345
I F21M12 (10)2001551-c 160ColColColCol lyr
ciw12 1-d (39)128∼1151-e ColColColCol lyr
ciw1 (72)1651-c ∼1431-c 150ColColColCol lyr
nga280 (81)10585∼78ColColColCol lyr
nga111 (113)128162∼153ColColColCol lyr
IIciw2 (11)105∼901-f
ciw3 (30)2401-d 2101-c ∼275ColColCol lyr lyr
nga1126 (50)1912151-c ∼195
nga168 (73)1651-c 135105ColColCol lyr lyr
IIInga162 (20)10789∼80
ciw11 1-d (43)179∼230230ColCol lyr lyr lyr
ciw4 (70) 190∼215∼180ColCol lyr lyr lyr
nga6 1-e (86)143123∼125ColCol lyr lyr lyr
IV ciw5 (10)164∼144∼150Col lyr lyr lyr lyr
ciw6 (47) 162∼148∼150Col lyr lyr lyr lyr
ciw7 (65)130∼123∼113Col lyr lyr lyr lyr
nga1107 (104)150140∼115Col lyr lyr lyr lyr
VCTR1 (10)159143∼155
ciw8 (42)1001351-f
PHYC (71)207222∼185Col Col Col lyr lyr
ciw9 1-d (88)165∼145∼145Col Col Col lyr lyr
ciw10 1-d (115)140∼130∼130Col Col Col lyr lyr
Number of backcross  progenies showing  pattern2 1 1 1 5
  • F1-a  SSLP markers, shown with their map position on A. thaliana chromosomes, were obtained from the supplemental material compiled by Lukowitz et al. (2000) found at Markers that were used in our analysis are shown in bold characters (see “Materials and Methods”).

  • F1-b  The Arabidopsis Ler-derived markers inherited yb each plant are not shown.

  • F1-c  Sizes differ slightly from published sizes.

  • F1-d  Markers for which genotype was inferred as described in “Materials and Methods.”

  • F1-e  The nga6 marker was previously reported not to amplify A. lyrata DNA (van Treuren et al., 1997).

  • F1-f  No amplification.