Table III.

Comparison of the effects of the stp1 mutation, 1 μm zeatin, and 30 nm 2,4-D on elongation and division parameters of the primary root

Elongation ParametersCell Division Parameters
Root growth rateMeristem strain rateMaximal strain rateTime in elongation zoneCell productionCell division rateTime in meristemMeristem cell number
Development + + 000 + + 0 + + + +
2,4-D0−− + + 0
stp1 −−−−−0−−−−−−

The first row describes the changes in wild-type root growth that occur during development as reported by Beemster and Baskin (1998). The symbols in the table are as follows: 0, no effect; −, slight reduction in the value of the parameter; −−, intermediate reduction; −−−, severe reduction; and + +, intermediate increase in the parameter.