Table I.

Summary of pDH clones containing cDNA inserts isolated by DDRT-PCR

CloneLengthAnchor PrimerGenBank Accession No.BLAST Results
Sequence similarityE value
pDH6.1210A1AW191805 Bell pepper Sn-1 gene (X79230)2  × 10−20
pDH9.4645A1AW191806 G. coronatumβ-tubulin (AAF08229)6  × 10−82
pDH9.8618A1AW191807 No similarities found
pDH10.4582A1AW191808 Caenorhabditis elegans cosmid F54B3 (Z48583)7  × 10−4
pDH10.7571A1AW191809 Arabidopsis unknown protein (AAC14534)4  × 10−32
pDH11.1711A2AW191810 B. japonicum FixO protein homolog (B47468)7  × 10−25
pDH14.2289A2AW191811 Tomato threonine deaminase gene (M61915)6  × 10−6
pDH19.3485A2AW191812 Arabidopsis dehydration-induced protein RD22 (Q08298)2  × 10−22
pDH20.2273A3AW191813 Potato germin-like protein mRNA (AF067731)9  × 10−14
pDH21.4347A3AW191814 No similarities found
pDH23.5252A3AW191815 Human chromosome 4 clone B366O24 (AC004067)5  × 10−3
pDH25.4172A3AW191816 Rice protein similar to retrotransposon RIRE1 (BAA88170)6  × 10−6
pDH30.4163A3AW191817 No similarities found
pDH31.5123A3AW191818 No similarities found
pDH39.1672A4AW191819 Tomato cDNA clone cLEB8F13 (AI483151)1  × 10−138
pDH40.1615A4AW191820 Tomato importin α-subunit (O22478)7  × 10−6
pDH41.6433A5AW191821 Tobacco mRNA for pathogen-induced oxygenase (AJ007630)1  × 10−123
pDH46.4289A6AW191822 Tobacco blp5 mRNA for luminal-binding protein BiP (X60058)4  × 10−53
pDH48.4604A6AW191823 Tomato cDNA clone cLER17A21 (AI775929)1  × 10−14
pDH55.2164A6AW191824 Arabidopsis ferredoxin-dependent glutamate synthase GLU2 (AAC78549)4  × 10−19
pDH55.7163A6AW191825 Wild tobacco unknown gene upstream of cnx5 (AF124162)5  × 10−48
pDH61.1270A7AW191826 TomatolhbC1 gene for LHCII type III (X60275)8  × 10−39
pDH63.5374A8AW191827 Potato mRNA for GAL83 protein (AJ012215)8  × 10−86
pDH64.474A8AW191828 Tetrameles nudiflora 18S ribosomal RNA gene (U41502)2  × 10−23
pDH64.7566A8AW191829 Nicotiana sylvestris mRNA for the small subunit of Rubisco (X01722)1  × 10−146
pDH68.1152A9AW191830 No similarities found
pDH69.3162A9AW191831 Tobacco Mg protoporphyrin IX chelatase (CHL H) mRNA (AF014052)8  × 10−81
pDH73.2276A10AW191832 No similarities found

The length of the inserts is given in base pairs excluding the 3′-poly(A) stretch. In addition, anchor primers used in combination with the single random primer R1 for DDRT-PCR and the GenBank accession nos. are listed. Sequence similarities and expectation (E) values obtained from BLAST searches correspond with the highest scoring matches with nucleotide or protein sequences found in the GenBank or The Arabidopsis Information Resource databases. Accession nos. of the heterologous sequences are given in parentheses.