Table I.

Statistics on the TIGR gene indices

SpeciesEntries1-aTIGR Gene IndexRelease Date
Arabidopsis (thale cress)127,890AtGI 4.0July 8, 2000
Tomato90,346LGI 5.0August 4, 2000
Soybean87,504GmGI 3.0July 12, 2000
Maize68,635ZmGI 4.0November 14, 2000
Rice60,166OsGI 4.0August 3, 2000
Wheat44,579TaGI 1.0September 18, 2000
Sorghum44,149SbGI 1.0October 10, 2000
Barrel medic37,560MtGI 1.0July 11, 2000
Potato7,150StGI 1.0July 19, 2000
Total no. of sequences567,979
  • F1-a  The no. of entries for each gene index reflects the no. of ESTs and the no. of expressed transcripts available in Genbank when the index was built. For the Arabidopsis Gene Index, the entries include genes identified through genomic annotation efforts.