Table IV.

Additional bioinformatic resources for rice and grass genome projects

Rice databases
 RiceGenes Map data, marker data, links
 Oryzabase Rice strains, mutants, links
 International Rice Research Institute Rice strains, mutants
Rice genome information
 Clemson University Genomics Institute BAC contig information, BAC end sequence information, BAC clone ordering
 Monsanto Rice Genome Sequence Data BLAST server of genome sequencing project, SSRs
 Rice Genome Program Map data, marker data, sequence data, IRGSP information
 TIGR Rice Genome Project Rice Repeat Database, Rice Gene Index, In silico mapping of BAC/PACs to genetic map, GlimmerR, Annotation of rice BACs/PACs via TIGR Gene Indices
Grass genome databases
 USDA-ARS Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics Databases on several grasses
 Maize DB Web site for maize information