Table I.

AQPs of maize 1-a

Name1-bAccession No.No. of Amino Acids
ZmPIP1-1 (ZmPIP1a) X82633 288
ZmPIP1-2 (ZmPIP1b) AF131201 289
 ZmPIP1-3 AF326487 292
 ZmPIP1-4 AF326488 292
 ZmPIP1-5 AF326489 288
 ZmPIP1-6 AF326490 296
 ZmPIP2-1 AF326491 290
 ZmPIP2-2 AF326492 292
 ZmPIP2-3 AF326493 289
 ZmPIP2-4 AF326494 288
ZmPIP2-5 (ZmPIP2a)1-c AF130975 290
 ZmPIP2-6 AF326495 288
 ZmPIP2-7 AF326496 287
ZmTIP1-1 (ZmTIP1)1-c AF037061 250
 ZmTIP1-2 AF326500 254
 ZmTIP2-1 AF326501 249
 ZmTIP2-2 AF326502 250
 ZmTIP2-3 AF326503 247
 ZmTIP3-1 AF326504 262
 ZmTIP4-1 AF326505 255
 ZmTIP4-2 AF326506 257
 ZmTIP4-3 AF326507 249
 ZmTIP4-4 AF326508 252
 ZmTIP5-1 AF326509 260
 ZmSIP1-1 AF326497 245
 ZmSIP1-2 AF326498 243
 ZmSIP2-1 AF326499 249
 ZmNIP1-1 AF326483 282
 ZmNIP2-1 AF326484 294
 ZmNIP2-2 AF326485 295
 ZmNIP3-1 AF326486 302
  • F1-a  After the revision of this paper was accepted, we succeeded in cloning full-length cDNAs of two other maize AQPs. Their sequences have been submitted to GenBank and are: ZmTIP3-2 (accession no. AF342809) and ZmNIP2-3 (accession no. A342810). The nos. reflect their sequence identity to existing AQPs on a cladogram.

  • F1-b  The previous published names are in parentheses (Chaumont et al., 1998,2000).

  • F1-c  These are the only two maize AQPs that have been shown to have good water channel activity in oocytes. ZmPIP1-1 and ZmPIP1-2 were inactive and the others have been tested.