Table II.

Distant relatives of MuDR

ElementSizeAccession No.Terminal Inverted Repeats2-aDirect Repeats2-bExpressed2-c
MuDR 4,942 M76978 2209Yes
RMu1-A23 4,374 AB023047 1569Yes
MoR-5572-d 3,420 BAA89557 1829Unknown
TRAP 6,823 CAB51950 232152-e Yes
MoSB-2  16,4962-f AF061282 1859Unknown
MoOS-521 6,296 BAA92521 2189Unknown
MoSB-1 3,133 AAD27572 1148Unknown
MuSE 4,632None5009Unknown
Jittery 3,916 AF247646 1859Unknown
MoOS-J1 4,387 AC078840 1408Unknown

Various MuLE in rice, Arabidopsis, and maize. Elements share long-inverted repeats and sequences similar to mudrA.

    • F2-a  Terminal inverted repeat length in base pairs.

    • F2-b  Direct host sequence repeat in base pairs.

    • F2-c  98%+ homology to a cDNA sequence in the database or direct molecular evidence.

    • F2-d  Probable deletion derivative.

    • F2-e  Degenerate.

    • F2-f  Includes putative insertion of retroelements.