Table I.

AFLP polymorphism between parent barley lines1-a

BCIngrid/Malt. HedaBCIngrid/BCPallasBCIngrid/ Gran. Zweiz.Malt. Heda/BCPallasMalt. Heda/Gran. Zweiz.Gran. Zweiz./BCPallas

Six parent barley lines were subjected to AFLP analysis using 50 AFLP primer combinations. The percentage of AFLP bands that were polymorphic for each pairwise barley line comparison is indicated for each restriction enzyme combination.

    • F1-a  BCIngrid, BCIngrid mlo-5; BCPallas, BCPallas mlo-5; Gran. Zweiz., Grannenlose Zweizeilige; Malt. Heda, Malteria Heda. Data shown here are: 26 forPstI/MseI and 24 forEcoRI/MseI primer combinations.