Table IV.

Transgenic lines do not show parent of origin differences in expression

% %
VLC 38-42 b1×3243929
VLC 38-42×b1 25844100.3337
VLC 40-20 b1×4464841
VLC 40-20×b1 46450440.1859

Plants hemizygous for each transgenic locus were outcrossed withb1 tester and the no. of colored kernels determined.

    • F4-a  The direction of the cross that generated the ears that were scored is indicated as follows: ×b1, the BB2100 stock was crossed by b1 stock pollen; b1×, the reciprocal cross in which BB2100 pollen was placed on b1 ears.

    • F4-b  The average of the proportion of colored kernels on each ear is given.

    • F4-c  The no. of ears that were counted and used to determine the mean.

    • F4-d  The proportion of colored kernels on the ears with the highest and lowest percentages in the sample.

    • F4-e  The probability obtained by the ANOVA method that the difference between the outcross by b1 pollen (×b1) and the outcross tob1 ears (b1×) is due to chance variation.