Table V.

Absolute areas of peak abundance for the M+ of [17,172H2]GA20(m/z 420) and [17,17-2H2]GA1 (m/z 508) obtained by GC-MS for dy seedlings (equal sample aliquots were injected; see “Materials and Methods” for details)

  Treatment (10−1 μg plant−1)M+ 420 Area × 103([2H2]GA20)M+ 508 Area × 103([2H2]GA1)Total Peak Areas × 103 of ([2H2]GA20) +([2H2]GA1)
[2H2]GA20-G withoutAzospirillumspp.73Nd5-a 73
[2H2]GA20-GE withoutAzospirillum spp.67Nd67
[2H2]GA20-G + A. lipoferum strain USA5b570140710
[2H2]GA20-GE + A. lipoferum strain USA5b480360840
[2H2]GA20-G + A. brasilense strain Cd1,1001601,260
[2H2]GA20-GE + A. brasilense strain Cd400130530

Results represent a typical subsample from one replicate, injected several times without noticeable differences.

    • F5-a Nd, Not detected.