Table IV.

Effects of MeJ, systemin, and salicylic acid (SA) on the induction of PLPIs

Treatments4-aInhibitor Level4-b
MeJ84 ± 8
Systemin60 ± 8
Water/Buffer49 ± 16
Untreated34 ± 5
SA33 ± 4
SA +Wounding30 ± 4
  • F4-a  Control plants for systemin and SA treatment were supplied with water or buffer, control plants for MeJ were left undisturbed, untreated. Pepper leaves were harvested 24 h after the experiments started and PLPI levels were evaluated by radial immunodiffusion assay.

  • F4-b  Average of six plants for each treatment. Treatments with the same letter do not differ statistically at the significance level of 0.05 (Duncan, 1955).