Table II.

Arabidopsis (Col-0 and gl1) ESTs corresponding to salt-responsive genes determined by northern-blot analysis

GenBank Accession No.EST No.ChromosomeBAC Clone No.geneIDproteinIDAnnotation on Arabidopsis Gene/Homolog2-aScoreE ValueCommentsgl-1 Controlgl-1 Salt
Primary metabolism
BE844959 AD04H113F5N5ATU05218 AAA21570.1ATP sulfurylase492e-138 +++ + +++ ++
BE845179 AD08A06225At2g05100 AAD31358.1Putative chlorophyll a/b-binding protein7890.0 ++
BE845351 AD10C12469AT4g28750 CAB81463.1Photosystem I subunit PSI-E-like protein513e-144 +++ + +++ ++
BE845356 AD10D061F12A21F12A21.11 AAF26934.1Putative PSBY emblCAA112487280.0 ++ +++
BE844849 AD03C0147dl4575c CAB46051.1Putative β-amylase10780.0Gene duplication? +
BE844998 AD05E02345 T22E16AT4g17090 T22E16.70 CAB80980.1 CAB75899.12-Oxoglutarate dehydrogenase, E1subunit-like protein2422e-63 + ++
 Amino acid
BE844834 AD03A02459AT4g23600 CAB79315.1Tyrosine transaminase-like protein605e-172 + +++ ++>
BE844976 AD05B091F15I1F15I1.19 AAD25783.1Strong similarity to gblS77096 aldehyde dehydrogenase homolog fromBrassica napus and is a member of PFI00171 aldehyde dehydrogenase family1375e-31Proline degradation? + +++
BE845063 AD06C013T21L8T21L8.90 CAB51206.1Glutamine-dependent asparagine synthetase2104e-53 + +++
BE845111 AD06G04482AT4g34710 CAB80188.1Arginine decarboxylase SPE28090.0Polyamine synthesis +++ +
BE844989 AD05D035K24M7Not annotated55.46e-08Cytochrome p450 ++
pirllA29368 Prostaglandin omega-hydroxylase (EC 1.14.15.-) cytochrome P450 4A4, rabbit2-a 48e-05
Cellular function
 Cell wall
BE844904 AD04B125MMI9 AB019235.1 BAA97199.1Ripening related, protein like; contains similarity to pectinesterase7120.0 + +++
BE845087 AD06E015F7K24Not annotated3393e-92 + ++
pirllT11610 Probable cinnamyl-alcohol dehydrogenase (EC CPRD14 (Vigna unguiculata)2-a 1912e-48
BE845121 AD06H0246AT4g02330 CAB80726.1Strong similarity to similar to pectinesterase, contains pectinesterase signatures AA407-414424e-118 + +++
 Vesicle/protein trafficing
BE845046 AD06A055F17I14F17I14_270 CAB89377.1Periaxin-like protein8560.0PDZ domain + +++
BE845048 AD06A071F23N19F23N19.7 AAF19550.1Similar to vacuolar processing enzyme385e-106Protease +
BE845064 AD06C022189At2g34250 AAC27401.1Putative protein transport protein SEC61 alpha subunit2166e-55Vesicle transport +++
BE845086 AD06D121T25N20T25N20.17 AAF79733.1Putative transport protein1552e-36Vesicle transport + +++ +
refINP_062761.1I SEC23B (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)2-a 6920.0
 Other cellular functions
BE844934 AD04F04467AT4g27400 CAB81391.1Putative protein: similarity to Arabidopsis nap gene, PID:e12348137490.0Cell division and expansion +++
BE844985 AD05C10 490AT4g39260 CAB80589.1Gly-rich protein (clone AtGRP8): Contains eukaryotic putative RNA-binding region RNP-1 signature AA47-5459.7e-08Ccr1 +++ +
BE845050 AD06A091F1P2F1P2.100 CAB61981.1Putative protein: similarity to PIT1, Arabidopsis, GB:AF130849 480e-134Plant growth +++ ++
BE845059 AD06B07463AT4g25630 CAB81373.1Fibrillarin-like protein: strong similarity to probable fibrillarin (Sb21) mRNA,Picea mariana, AF051216 412e-114Pre-rRNA processing ++
BE845095 AD06E12??ATHATJ AAB86799.1Chaperone protein (atj)509e-143Chaperon +
BE845137 AD07C052210At2g38860 AAC79625.1Unknown protein, splO59413IPFPI_PYRHO PROTEASE I (Pyrococcus horikoshii)2-a 157644e-373e-09Protease + +++
BE845172 AD07H102185At2g33210 AAC04902.1Mitochondrial chaperonin (HSP60)1864e-46Chaperon + +++
BE845190 AD08B06221At2g04460 AAD25832.1Putative retroelement pol polyprotein6380.0Transposon +++ +
BE845392 AD10H03414AT4g05050 CAB81047.1Contains similarity to Pfam family PF00240, ubiquitin family10860.0 ++ +++
Transporters/nutrient uptake
BE844897 AD04B055F9D12F9D12.17 AAC26243.1Contains similarity to sugar transporters4244e-32Transporter +++ +
BE844907 AD04C055F14F18F14F18_180 CAB87674.1Putative protein, splQ96250IATP3_ARATH ATP SYNTHASE GAMMA CHAIN, MITOCHONDRIAL PRECURSOR2-a 99535.20.01.6Transporter? +
BE844924 AD04E04291At2g15620 AAD17406.1Ferredoxin-nitrite reductase406e-112Nitrogen + ++
BE845007 AD05E111T17F3T17F3.10 AAF07386.1Putative peptide transporter609e-173Transporter +++
BE845058 AD06B065F8M21F8M21_130 CAB89334.1Putative protein: similarity to amino acid transport protein, Arabidopsis, EMBL U39783 527e-148Transporter +
BE845182 AD08A091F5I6F5I6.6 AAF27688.1Putative sulfate transporter234e-60Transporter +++
BE845347 AD10C075MUG13 AB021934 BAA74589.1Nicotianamine synthase541e-152Iron uptake +++
BE845350 AD10C113F4P12F4P12_210 CAB67658.1ABC transporter-like protein58660.0Transporter +
 General signal components
BE844894 AD04B012106At2g18190 AAD31347.1Putative AAA-type ATPase8840.0 + +++
BE844899 AD04B071T10O24T10O24.2 AAD39582.1Hypothetical protein, dbjIBAB11554.1I (AB011479), contains similarity to bHLH DNA-binding protein: gene_id:MNA5.5 (Arabidopsis)2-a 108536.72.9e-1850.16Transcription +++
BE844973 AD05B055MJC20MJC20.11 BAB08434.1Contains similarity to unknown protein (AF117897), rab11-binding protein (Bos taurus)2-a 507187e-1424e-46WD repeat + +++
BE845012 AD05F043MMM17MMM17.7 BAB01914.1Casein kinase-like protein3534e-96 +++ +++ +
BE845028 AD05G103T5P19T5P19_160 CAB88054.1Putative protein: similarity to TATA-binding protein-binding protein, ABT1:Mus musculus, EMBLAB021860 291e-77Transcription + ++
BE845052 AD06A115MQN23MQN23.23 BAB11664.1G protein-coupled receptor-like protein377e-103 +++ +++ ++
BE845077 AD06D033F24M12F24M12.170 CAB62635.1Putative protein: similarity to lin-10 protein: Rattus norwegicus, PIR:JE02392682e-70Receptor targeting + ++
BE845082 AD06D085MAC9MAC9.10 BAB10078.1Transcription factor-like protein3172e-85Transcription + +++
BE845106 AD06F111F24B9F24B9.4 AAF75068.1Contains similarity to a protein kinase gblD882071399e-33 + +++
BE845234 AD08G063F26F24F26F24.8 AAF86997.1Hypothetical protein, emblCAB92072.1I (AL121575), dJ914N13.2.1 (cofactor required for Sp1 transcriptional activation, subunit 3; 130kd; CRSP130, DRIP130, SUR2, and KIAA1216; isoform 1) (Homo sapiens)27484.32e-729e-15 +
BE845243 AD08H07277At2g13790 AAD28318.1Putative receptor-like protein kinase1847e-46 ++
BE845394 AD10H073MGL6MGL6.10 BAB00069.1Translationally controlled tumor protein like559e-157Ca2+binding +++ +++ ++
 Lipid signaling/response
BE844846 AD03B083T8P19T8P19.200 CAB62358.1Putative protein, splP24484ILIP2_MORSP LIPASE 2 (TRIACYLGLYCEROL LIPASE)2-a 117658.60.09e-08Lipase + +++
BE844917 AD04D073K13N2K13N2.11 BAA95764.1Unknown, emblCAB95731.1I (AJ272026) allene oxide cyclase (Lycopersicon esculentum)2-a 472249e-1323e-65JA synthesis + +++ +
BE844950 AD04G123T14D7T14D3.80 CAB72152.1Lipoxygenase AtLOX2432e-120 + +++ ++>
BE845001 AD05E05 5? AB006778 BAA33447.1Vsp2 gene for vegetative storage protein509e-143 +++
BE845091 AD06E085MTI20MTI20.3 BAB08850.1Lipid transfer protein; glossy1 homolog414e-114 +++
BE845100 AD06F053T02O04T02O04.11 AAB63638.1Jasmonate-inducible protein isolog, myrosinase binding protein like466e-130 ++ +++ +
 Hormone related
BE844978 AD05B11 3F28D10F28D10_50 CAC03536.1AtPP-like protein: prokaryotic membrane lipoprotein lipid attachment site AA199-209 (AF133053), S-adenosyl-l-methionine:salicylic acid carboxyl methyltransferase (Clarkia breweri)2-a 7061290.06e-29SA ++
BE845401 AD05C05?? AF183827 AAF22295.1Beta-glucosidase homolog (BG1)35150.0 +++ +
BE845084 AD06D103T10D17T10D17_90 CAB88998.1Nitrilase 2202e-50 + +++
 Cell death
BE844851 AD03C065MQL5MQL5.19 BAA97167.1Palmitoyl-protein thioesterase precursor like422e-117Anti-apoptosis? + ++
BE844958 AD04H103F28D10F28D10_70 CAC03538.1Lethal leaf-spot 1 homolog Lls1: contains prokaryotic membrane lipoprotein lipid attachment site AA150-160472e-132Dioxygenase + ++
Defense response
 Defense proteins
BE844875 AD03G091F22K20F22K20.19 AAC00625.1Alcohol dehydrogenase486e-136 + +++
BE844896 AD04B035MSG15MSG15.3 BAB11043.1Mandelonitrile lyase-like protein519e-146Cyanogenesis ++
BE844926 AD04E063MDB19MDB19.5 BAB02775.1Contains similarity to endo-1,3-1,4-beta-d-glucanase gene_id:MDB19.5414e-115 + +++
BE844972 AD05B031F5F19F5F19.6 AAD12691.1Similar to gblY09437 myrosinase binding protein from B. napus 1948e-49 +
BE844990 AD05D041F24B9F24B9.34 AAF75098.1Metallothionein605e-172 +++ + +++ ++
BE845403 AD06E031F15K9F15K9.17 AAC72119.1Strong similarity to gblD14550 extracellular dermal glycoprotein (EDGP) precursor from Daucus carota 7450.0 + ++
BE845117 AD06G101F14N23F14N23.25 AAD32887.1Similar to glutathione S-transferase TSI-1 (gil2190992)7630.0Cyanogenesis + +++ ++
BE845152 AD07F072236At2g43620 AAB64044.1Putative endochitinase549e-154 + +++ +
BE845153 AD07F085MOJ9MOJ9.4 BAB11145.1Polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein509e-142 +++ +
 Cor/RD proteins
BE844850 AD03C02473AT4g30650 CAB79783.1Strong similarity to low temperature and salt-responsive protein LTI6A, Arabidopsis383e-105 + +++
BE844854 AD03D05 5F1N13F1N13_110 CAC01796.1Cold-regulated protein COR6.6 (KIN2)3412e-92 +++ ++>
BE844855 AD03D112F14N22At2g42540 AAD22999.1Cold-regulated protein cor15a precursor519e-14 +++ ++>
BE844865 AD03F025K24M7 D13044 BAA02376.1Desiccation-responsive rd29A371e-101 +++ ++>
BE845022 AD05G045T14C9ATHRD22 BAA01546.1rd22 Gene448e-124 +++ ++
BE845049 AD06A081F15M15F5M15.21 AAF79613.1Similar to cold-regulated protein cor471274e-28??
 Anthocyanin synthesis
BE844845 AD03B065MOP10MOP10.14 BAB11549.1Leucoanthocyanidin dioxygenase-like protein6640.0 +++ ++>
BE844892 AD04A112206At2g38240 AAC27173.1Putative anthocyanidin synthase2034e-87 +++ +
BE845101 AD06F064T29A15AT4g27560 CAB38268.1Strong similarity to UDP rhamnose-anthocyanidin-3-glucoside rhamnosyltransferase, Petunia hybrida 8370.0 + ++
BE844884 AD04A025F5O24 AB035137 BAA86999.1Blue copper-binding protein494e-138Anti-oxidation + +++ +
BE844860 AD03E083T19D11Not annotated, dbjlBAB02819.1I (AB024036), dbjlBAA87936.1: gene_id:MQC12.15, similar to unknown13546.14e-315e-05 +++
BE844992 AD05D065K3M16K3M16_30 CAC01890.1Hypothetical protein7770.0 +++ +
BE845016 AD05F093F14O13F14O13.28 BAB03026.1Similar to unknown protein476e-133 + ++
BE845069 AD06C071F22O13F22O13.29 AAF99773.1Unknown protein6900.0 + ++
BE845070 AD06C08 3F16J14Not annotated9100.0 + ++
emblCAB86422.1I (AL138648) putative protein (Arabidopsis)2-a 78.84e-14
BE845097 AD06F02??Not annotated + +++ +
BE845355 AD10D051F24J8Not annotated7750.0Transporter +++ +
gblAAF28474.1IAF173553_1 (AF173553) V-ATPase 110-kD integral membrane subunit (Manduca sexta)2-a 29.716
BE845376 AD10F071T27G7Not annotated579e-164 + +++

Total RNA was isolated from seedlings transferred to medium without or with 160 mm NaCl for 4 h SREs were subjected to Blastn analysis and illustrated are annotations based on the information from the Arabidopsis genome sequence project: chromosome no., section on chromosomes 2 and 4, or BAC clone identification no. (for chromosomes 1, 3, and 5), and gene/protein accession nos. Highlighted in bold are SREs that detected transcripts differentially regulated ingl1 and sos3. Transcript abundance is rated based on the scale illustrated. Embedded Image

    • F2-a  Blastp analysis was performed on any Arabidopsis open reading frame (ORF) that corresponded to an SRE that is not functionally annotated. Any SRE sequence that did not match an Arabidopsis ORF was subjected to Blastx/Blastp analysis.