Table V.

Definition of compartments (unconditional) for SHAG-ENZ (Fig. 3)

CompartmentContentsInitial ValueDescription
O2_radicalδO Embedded Image /δt = PSI*relative_factor − F1 − F3 − F70.001Concentration of O Embedded Image
H2O2δH2O2/δt = 0.5*(+F1) +F7 +F3 − 0.5*(+F2)0.500Concentration of H2O2
H2OδH2O/δt = +F20“Accumulation” of water
ASCδascorbate/δt = +F5 + F6 − F2 − F3 +2*F1210,000Concentration of Asc
ASCmdar2*F11 − 2*F120Asc produced by MDAR and delivered to pool of Asc
MDAδMDA/δt = +F2 +F3 −F4 −F5 − 2*F110Concentration of MDA
DHAδDHA/δt = +F4 −F60Concentration of DHA
GSHδGSH/δt = −F7 −2*(+F8)+2*F105,000Concentration of GSH
GSδGS/δt = −F7 −F90Concentration of thiyl radicals
GSSGδGSSG/δt = +F8 +0.5*(+F9)−F100Concentration of GSSG
NADPHδNADPH/δt= 0.5*(1−relative_factor)*PSI−F10−F11−F13100Concentration of NADPH
NADPδNADP+/δt = +F10+F110“Accumulation” of NADP+

The initial concentrations were chosen after Asada and Takahashi (1987; ascorbate and GSH), Asada (1994; O Embedded Image , and H2O2), and Gerst et al. (1994; NADPH).