Table IV.

Comparison of [3H]-NPA binding constants in WT and tt4(2YY6) rosette microsomal membranes

Binding Constant4-aWTtt4(2YY6)
B max 4-b 0.15 ± 0.020.20 ± 0.04
K d 4-b 15.7 ± 2.218.5 ± 4.1
  • F4-a Reported values were derived from double-reciprocal plots and represent the average and se of four experiments using six concentrations of [3H]-NPA.K d is calculated as −1/x intercept and is reported in nanomoles; B max is defined as 1/y intercept and is reported as picomoles per milligram.

  • F4-b Student's t test analysis revealed no significant difference in K d orB max values between WT and tt4(2YY6) microsomal membranes.