Table I.

Genetic loci for cloned flavonoid enzymes in Arabidopsis1-a

EnzymeLocusChromosomeMap Position1-b
CHS tt4 57,050 kb (MAC12)
CHI tt5 321,000 kb (T15C9)
F3H tt6 319,600 kb (F24M12)
F3′H tt7 54,400 kb (F13G24)
FLS fls1∷En 1-c 5FLS1: 4,700 kb (MAH20)
FLS2-5: 32,150 kb (MBK5)
FLS6: 24,350 kb (MRH10)
DFR tt3 523,800 kb (MJB21)
LDOX tt19 1-d 416,900 kb (F7H19)
LCR ban, ast 1-d 126,800 kb (T13M11)
  • F1-a  Similar information for maize, petunia, and snapdragon is described by Holton and Cornish (1995).

  • F1-b  Based on the AGI map, 11/12/00; numbers in parentheses refer to P1 or bacterial artificial chromosome clones on which these sequences reside.

  • F1-c  Transposon-tagged mutant for FLS1 (Wisman et al., 1998).

  • F1-d  A. Tanaka (personal communication).