Table II.

Distribution of radioactive metabolites in tissue and culture medium after 6 h in vivo labeling with3H-[9R]iP (225 pmol per incubation, 4-mL volume)

GenotypeTissue in IncubationApparent Uptake of RadioactivityiP[9R]iP (Substrate)[9R]iP NucleotidesDegradation Products
mg % pmol
wt1112.00.66120.40168.2 1.76    n.d.2-a 1.38 n.d.
oveA781403.1 4.5 73.50.5479.00.95   n.d.0.61n.d.
oveA2011605.2 6.86 99.30.4950.40.99   n.d.1.61n.d.
oveB3001203.2 2.21 1580.06 6.73 1.00   n.d. 2.4 n.d.
oveST251044.5 5.29 96.70.2247.0 1.74    n.d.2.75n.d.

Values are not corrected for recovery losses (about 25%). Other unidentified metabolites ranged below 0.45 pmol and are not listed. Apparent uptake of radioactivity was calculated from the total radioactivity found in extracts. Values important for discussion are in bold face.

    • F2-a  n.d., Not detected.