Table I.

Detailed annotation analysis of 15 ORFs in tomato BAC 240K04

NameApproximate Coding RegionBest Homology (GenBank1-a)Best Blastp E ValueBest The Institute for Genomic Research Expressed Sequence Tag (EST)Putative Protein Function
240K04.01<6,761–6,831 T05632 2e–31 AW929546 Putative permease
240K04.0212,852–19,435No homology AW219175 1-b Unknown protein
240K04.0317,278–16,871No homologyTC43589Unknown protein
240K04.0422,829–26,608NP_0091968e–90 AW223638 1-b Putative suppressor of yeast gcr2
240K04.0527,444–29,478 AC006340 1e–68TC413451-b Unknown protein
240K04.0642,332–30,012 AAD22346.1e–160TC391481-b Unknown protein
240K04.0750,514–55,503 T05634 e–120TC40844Putative centromere protein
240K04.0857,336–64,386 P77253 8e–10 AI487713 1-b Unknown protein
240K04.0970,688–65,478 T06805 e–105TC404021-b Putative auxin growth promotor
240K04.1077,615–79,017 CAB80933 5e–51TC40659Putative protein phosphatase
240K04.1181,356–80,189 AP000381 e–122TC457201-b Unknown protein
240K04.1282,223–83,281 AP002459 3e–64 BE463242 1-b Putative polyprotein
240K04.1384,217–86,904 BAA90383.1e–156TC415021-b Putative polyprotein
240K04.1493,204–88,295 AAD22365 4e–75TC404811-b Putative MADS-box gene
240K04.15104,210–117,994 AJ001729 2e–25 AW929351 1-b Similar to TH65 protein
  • F1-a  As performed in Dec. 2000.

  • F1-b  Containing amino acid identity > 95% over 50 amino acids.