Table II.

Analysis of TAPIR nad SDR repeat elements in tomato BAC 240K04

Name and LocationLength (bp)/AT contentFeatureShared by and the Locations
TAPIR1, 93801335, 64%Foldback AF001000L.e. TAPG 1, 5′
AF001001 L.e. TAPG 2, 5′
TAPIR2, 95674 AF001002 L.e. TAPG 4, 3′
X15853, L.e. TAP1, intron
TAPIR3, 46351 AF179442 L.e. plasma membrane H+-ATPase isoform LHA2, 5′
AJ002236 L. pim. Cf-9 resistance gene cluster, intron
SDR1, 39050300, 60%N/A M88487 L.e. ACC synthase, 5′
X67143 L.e. yellow flesh mutant mRNA for phytoene synthase, 3′ half
SDR2, 48401400, 72%gagaaagagagaaa Motifs AF001001 L.e. TAPG 2, 3′Z12028 L. pim. gene encoding vacuolar invertase, 3′
Z12027 L.e. gene for vacuolar invertase, 3′
SDR3, 91001150, 84%N/A AJ272307 L. pen. lin 5 gene for beta fructosidase, first intron
X13497 S.t. wound-induced genes, intergenic: 3′WIN1 and 5′WIN2
AJ006379 L.e. subtilase (sbt2) gene, 5′
AJ277064 L.e. PR-5 gene for pathogenesis-relatedprotein, 5′
M59427 L. per proteinase inhibitor I gene, 5′
U68072 L.e. HMG2 gene, 5′ before retrotransposon ToRTL
M37304 L.e. polygalacturonase, exons 1–9, fourth intron
AF220602L. pim. Rio Grande 76R Pto locus, repeat region
AF273333 L.e. clone BAC 19, intron
SDR4, 116711250, 47%SolSINE AF034411, L.e. cytosolic Cu, Zn superoxidedismutase, intron
(Rebatchouk and Narita, 1997) U75644 L.e. farnesyl-protein transferase beta subunit, three copies, introns
Y10603 L.e. ldh2 gene, intron
Z27233 S.t. (STAC1) gene for ACC acid synthase, 3′

L.e., L. esculentum; L. pim., L. pimpinellifolium; L. pen., Lycopersicon pennellii; S.t., Solanum tuberosum; L. per., Lycopersicon peruvianum; ACC, 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate; TAP: tomato anionic peroxidase; N.A., not applicable.