Table I.

Proposed new names for all Arabidopsis MIPs

New Name1-aJohanson et al.1-bWeig et al.1-cAGI Gene1-dBAC Gene1-eAccession No.1-fExpressed Sequence Tag (EST)1-gComments1-h
PIP1;1PIP1aPIP1aAt3g61430F2A19.30 CAB71073 Yes
PIP1;2PIP1bPIP1bAt2g45960F4I18.6 AAC28529 YesAthH2, TMP-A
PIP1;3PIP1cPIP1cAt1g01620F22L4.16 AAF81320 YesTMP-B
PIP1;4PIP1eTMP-CAt4g00430F5I10.2 AAF02782 YesExon 2 ends at 86,121, not 86,097; compare with TMP-C.
PIP1;5PIP1dpCR55At4g23400F16G20.100 CAA20461 Yes
PIP2;1PIP2aPIP2aAt3g53420F4P12_120 CAB67649 Yes
PIP2;2PIP2bPIP2bAt2g37170T2N18.7 AAD18142 Yes
PIP2;3PIP2cRD28At2g37180T2N18.6 AAD18141 Yes
PIP2;4PIP2f T04164 At5g60660MUP24.8 BAB09839 Yes
PIP2;5PIP2dAt3g54820F28P10.200 CAB41102 Yes
PIP2;6PIP2e T22419 At2g39010T7F6.18 AAC79629 Yes
PIP2;7PIP3aPIP3At4g35100M4E13.150 CAA17774 YesSalt-stress-inducible MIP
PIP2;8PIP3bAt2g16850F12A24.3 AAC64216 Yes
Pseudo PIP3At2g16830F12A24.1 AAC64228 ?Pseudogene encoding 26 amino acids with second NPA. Similar to F12A24.3.
T8O111-i 77,410–77,455?Partial F5I10.2-like sequence encoding helix 4.
F5I101-i 77,564–77,656?Partial F5I10.2-like sequence encoding loop B and helix 3.
TIP1;2γTIP2 Z30833, T21060,T22237 At3g26520MFE16.3 BAB01832 YesSalt-stress-inducible TIP, γTIP2
TIP1;3γTIP3At4g01470F11O4.1 AAC62778 ?No introns
TIP2;1δTIP1δTIPAt3g16240MYA6.5 BAB01264 Yes
TIP2;2δTIP2 Z18142 At4g17340d14705w CAB10515 Yes
TIP2;3δTIP3 T20432,T76151 At5g47450MNJ7.4 BAB09071 Yes
TIP3;1αTIPαTIPAt1g73190T18K17.14 AAG52132 Yes
TIP3;2βTIPβTIPAt1g17810F2H15.4 AAF97261 Yes
TIP4;1ɛTIP T21742 At2g25810F17H15.16 AAC42249 YesSimilar to NtTIPa
TIP5;1ζTIPAt3g47440T21L8.190 CAB51216 ?
Pseudo-γTIP2F7P11-i 79,395–79,728?Pseudogene similar to MFE16.3, truncated, NPV instead of NPA, no exon 2.
Pseudo-δTIPAt1g52180F9I5.3 AAF29403 ?Pseudogene, only exon 2, 124 amino acids.
NIP1;1NLM1NLM1At4g19030F13C5.200 CAA16760 YesMisannotated: delete amino acids 205 through 216; exon 4 starts at 86,879, not 86,915.
NIP1;2NLM2NLM2At4g18910F13C5.80 CAA16748 Yes
NIP2;1NLM3NLM4At2g34390T31E10.27 AAC26712 Yes1-j
NIP3;1NLM9At1g318801-k F5M6.28 AAG50717 ?F5M6.28 is missing exon 1; exon 1, 38,681 through 38,550; exon 2 starts at 38,310, long C terminus.
NIP4;1NLM4At5g37810K22F20.9 BAB10360 ?
NIP4;2NLM5NLM5At5g37820K22F20.10 BAB10361 Yes1-j
NIP5;1NLM6NLM8At4g10380F24G24.180 CAB39791 YesLong N terminus.
NIP6;1NLM7NLM7At1g80760F23A5.11 AAF14664 YesLong N terminus.
NIP7;1NLM8NLM6At3g06100F28L1.3 AAF30303 YesIntron 3, 8,151 through 7,945, avoids TT acceptor splice site, restores conserved length of exon 4.
Pseudo-NLM3NLM3At2g29870T27A16.3 AAC35214 ?Pseudogene encoding 139 amino acids, missing first NPA.
Pseudo-NLM9At2g21020F26H11.22 AAD29814 ?Pseudogene, version 3 missing second NPA. Alternate annotation results in two NPAs, but missing helix 3 and 4, long C terminus.
SIP1;1SIP1aAt3g04090T6K12.29 AAF26804 Yes
SIP1;2SIP1bAt5g18290MRG7.25 BAB09487 Yes
SIP2;1SIP2At3g56950F24I3.30 CAB72165 Yes
  • F1-a  Proposed new names for Arabidopsis MIPs. When referring to the corresponding gene, the name is written in italics. Genes encoding partial MIP-like sequences without all transmembrane regions are regarded as nonfunctional pseudogenes. Pseudogenes are not included in the proposed nomenclature as indicated by “–”.

  • F1-b  Nomenclature used inJohansson et al. (2000) and in U. Johanson and S. Gustavsson (unpublished data).

  • F1-c  Nomenclature used in Weig et al. (1997) and Weig and Jakob (2000a, 2000b).

  • F1-d  Arabidopsis Genome Initiative (AGI) gene nomenclature; At3g56950 indicates gene no. 5,695 (counting from top) on chromosome 3.

  • F1-e  Gene name used in annotation of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) or P1 sequences.

  • F1-f  Protein accession no. for a translation of the corresponding gene. When a gene annotation is missing, the location in the BAC is given in base pairs.

  • F1-g  Matching EST found in databases. ?, Not found.

  • F1-h  Alternative exon/introns positions proposed and used in this paper and odd features of the gene or the encoded protein. Some older names found in the literature (Kaldenhoff et al., 1993; Shagan and Bar-Zvi, 1993; Shagan et al., 1993; Pih et al., 1999) and in Genbank accession no.AF057137.

  • F1-i  Not annotated.

  • F1-j  cDNA cloned by reverse transcriptase-PCR (Weig and Jakob, 2000b).

  • F1-k  At1g31880 has 285 amino acids added at the N terminus, previously annotated as a separate gene (F5M6.11). At1g31880 is missing 29 amino acids close to the C terminus.