Table I.

Summary of available database information on Arabidopsis 14-3-3 (GF14) genes and proteins

GF14 IsoformBACGenemRNA Accession No.BAC Accession No.Protein Accession No.
Chromosome 1
 Putative 14-3-3T11I11 grf13 1-a(T11I11.16) AC012680 AAG52105 1-b
 Similar to epsilonT16E15 grf14(T16E15.91-c) AC068562 AAF87262 1-d
 IotaT1K7 grf12(T1K7.151-e) AF335544 AC013427 AAF98570
 OmicronF21H2 grf11(F21H2.3) AF323920 AC007894 AAG47840
 EpsilonT16E15 grf10(T16E15.8) U36446 AC068562 P48347
 OmegaF3F9 grf2(F3F9.16) M96855 AC013430 Q01525
 PhiT32G9 grf4(T32G9.30) L09111 AC079605 P46077
Chromosome 2
 MuF14N22 grf9(F14N22.14) U60444 AC007087 AAD51784
 14-3-3 LikeF12P23 grf15(F12P23.4) AC007264 AAD28654
Chromosome 3
 NuF16B3 grf7(F16B3.15) U60445 AC021640 AAD51782
Chromosome 4
 ChiContig. 25 (F23J3) grf1 L09112 AL161513 P42643
Chromosome 5
 UpsilonF1N13 grf5(F1N13_190) L09109 AL391145 AAB62225
 Psi1-f P1 Clone MXI10 +MBB18 grf3 (MXI10.21) L09110 AB005248 + AB005231 P42644
 KappaP1 Clone MNA5 grf8(MNA5.16) U36447 AB011479 AAD51783
 Lambda (or AFT1)F12B17 grf6 U68545 AL353995 P48349
 14-3-3-Like protein AFT11-g F12B17 grf6(F12B17_200) AL353995 CAB89398
 RCI21-h RCIIB X74141 CAA52238

The chromosomes and bacteria artificial chromosome (BAC) clones the different genes are found on are indicated, as well as the accession no. of the BAC clone, the gene no. in the BAC, and the accession no. of the mRNA. Accession nos. to putative and expressed gene products are also indicated.

    • F1-a  The abbreviation grf stands for G-box regulating factor.

    • F1-b  Incorrect annotation resulted in a shortened N terminus (first exon and 5′ part of second exon were not included).

    • F1-c  T16E15.9 is located 1,329 bp from grf10 (T16E15.8) in the same BAC clone.

    • F1-d  A single nucleotide was counted as a fifth intron when sequence was annotated in the original entry.

    • F1-e  Splicing suggested in database is incorrect.

    • F1-f  The isoform GF14psi is identical to the entry RCI1 (protein accession no.S47969).

    • F1-g  Putative product due to alternative splicing.

    • F1-h  An additional thymine at the end of exon 3 of grf6 causes a frame shift resulting in this putative isoform, which is probably the result of erroneous sequence analysis.