Table I.

Genetic analysis of bin2 mutants

Plant(s)/CrossNo. of PlantsExpected Ratioχ2
TotalWild typeSemidwarfExtreme dwarf
The original mutant (M2)/self25258129651:2:10.532
10 Wild-type plants (M3)/self1,2541,254
20 Semidwarfs (M3)/self3,6298941,8578781:2:12.132
Extreme dwarf × wild type
 F1 1616
 F2 (15 plants)2,7596851,4016731:2:11.111
 Two F2 populations25262132581:2:10.841
 Grown in total darkness1-a (Long)(Intermediate)(Short)
bin2-1 × bin2-2 281513
bin2-1 × bri1-101
 F1 1313
 F2 (total 13 plants)7981393093501:2:2.331.074
  • F1-a  When grown in complete darkness, these two F2 populations segregated out three classes of seedlings, represented by long, intermediate, and short hypocotyls, respectively.