Table I.

Expression data and sequence homologies of identified ESTs

EST Accession No.BLAST HitPutative IDRatio 1Ratio 2Ave1-a
Induced genes
 Cellular organization and biogenesis
  T44253 1-d I39698 Blue copper-binding protein42.83.4
  AA585751 1-d A84841 Putative embryo-abundant protein2.72.22.4
  H37424 1-d T52410 Blue copper-binding protein2.22.12.2
  T76263 1-d,1-e T05577 Putative mitochondrial uncoupling protein1.821.9
  T45414 1-d,1-e T51579 Cellulose synthase catalytic subunit1-b 1.521.8
  H37373 1-f AB024029 Outer membrane lipoprotein precursor1.52.21.8
  H36601 1-e,1-j Q42589 Lipid transfer protein1-b
  N96229 1-e T45791 Lipid transfer protein1-b
  T43399 1-j,1-k C84606 ras GTP-binding protein1-b
 Signal transduction
  R30557 1-d BAB10479 Calmodulin5.78.16.9
  H36168 1-j,1-k S40469 ATMPK32.32.42.4
  N96364 1-d,1-j T46189 Calcium-dependent protein kinase2.32.62.4
  T20648 1-d F84429 Histidine kinase1-b,1-c 13.42.2
  H76238 1-d C84473 Putative protein kinase2.31.92.1
  T88109 1-d,1-k D96689 Calmodulin-related protein21.521.8
  N37896 1-k AL132978 Tyr phosphatase1-b,1-c
  N38687 1-d,1-e T04731 Cytochrome P4506.424.2
  AA394580 1-k G84823 Anthocyanin 5-aromatic acyltransferase2.45.23.8
  AA713237 1-e,1-j,1-k G84787 PAL12.33.93.1
  H36318 1-g C84531 Nitrite reductase3.71.82.7
  R90669 1-j,1-k H84918 GST631.92.4
  T04251 1-j A96502 Stearoyl acyl carrier protein2.52.22.3
  R90074 1-d,1-j T05315 Pyruvate decarboxylase-
  T45380 1-e,1-k U96045 Adenosine-5′-phosphosulfate reductase1.82.62.2
  T43668 1-e T48390 Monodehydroascorbate reductase1.62.42
  N37618 1-d T07698 Short-chain alcohol dehydrogenase1.72.32
  H76730 1-d AL078467 Gln-dependent Asn synthetase1.62.31.9
  N96471 1-d AL022023 Phospholipase-like protein1.62.21.9
  N97306 1-k AB026643 Myrosinase-binding protein1.62.21.9
  T04244 1-e,1-j S56653 Myrosinase/thioglucosidase1-b
  H36160 1-j AB022223 Light-induced protein4.72.43.6
  T41722 1-e,1-j X98674 Zn finger protein Zat127.29.48.3
  AA042693 1-e T49070 Heat shock transcription factor1-b
  AA720262 1-d BAB01997 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor2.67.65.1
  H77041 1-j T51833 DREB2A43.33.6
  AA720306 1-d E96663 RING Zn finger protein3.13.43.3
  ATHATL2A1-d T52079 Zn finger protein2.82.92.9
  N65178 1-d,1-k T50672 Putative Zn finger protein2.42.82.6
  T75904 1-d AAC6343Zn finger protein (CONSTANS-like B Box)1-b
  AA720308 1-d bHLH protein2.32.32.3
  T21879 1-d,1-j AF022658 Zn finger transcription factor2.71.72.2
  R29900 1-f,1-j,1-k AB012239 Ethylene-responsive element binding factor (EREBP-4)
  T44892 1-j F84792 Zn finger protein (C2H2 type)1-b
  N38276 1-j T49142 CCR4-associated factor22.22.1
  R30043 1-j,1-k AC011708 RING Zn finger protein2.41.82.1
  T41938 1-d,1-k T02684 DNA-binding protein CCA11.92.32.1
  N97162 1-d E71444 EREBP1.72.52.1
  R30551 1-j,1-k H86320 myb-Related transcription factor2.11.82
  H37631 1-j S37100 ATAF 2 protein2.11.92
  T43796 1-e AF132016 RINGH2 Zn finger protein1.62.21.9
  AA404906 1-d,1-j A84682 Zn finger/DNA binding protein1-b
 Protein destination and transport
  T04221 1-d AB022214 2S seed storage protein2.122
  T20525 1-j T48847 Syntaxin1-b 1.821.9
  T44252 1-j T04623 12S cruciferin seed storage protein1-b
 Cell rescue/defense
  AA042551 1-d AAC95188 Small heat shock protein7.41611.7
  R29801 1-d,1-j A45508 hsp 836.197.6
  AA597555 1-h T49264 hsp
  AA650758 1-d,1-f T48562 hsp3.34.23.7
  N38277 1-d,1-k T05001 Gamma glutamyl transferase1-b 32.62.8
  AA042089 1-j,1-k AAC19273 Similar to several small proteins inducible by various stresses3.12.12.6
  AA394361 1-j,1-k BAB10761 Salt-inducible calcium-binding protein3.12.12.6
  R29894 1-d,1-j A84824 Putative nematode resistance protein2.52.42.4
  W43132 1-j AC006577 hsp20/Alpha crystallin family1.92.82.4
  N38383 1-d,1-k BAB01138 Jasmonic acid (JA)-inducible protein1-b
  AA042366 1-j G96604 hsp (DNAJ like)1-b
  AA597442 1-h AC20579hsp1011.922
  AA042774 1-f AAD25796 rab281-b
  AA720285 1-d U75202 Germin-like protein1-b
  T04362 1-e T00971 Cf2-like disease resistance protein1-b
  T22424 1-j,1-k AJ249794 Lipoxygenase1-b
  AA720182 1-d G96806 Thaumatin-like protein1-b
  R65190 1-d,1-j X98775 Peroxidase1-b
  N95898 1-d AP000377 Selenium-binding protein1-b
  AA040958 1-d Y12673 Germin-like auxin-induced protein1-b
  T88199 1-j T51418 Unknown8.84.16.5
  T46413 1-f,1-j B84778 Unknown3.34.53.9
  R30050 1-i T05004 Unknown3.73.53.6
  T13956 1-d,1-j F96649 Unknown3.92.83.4
  AA394803 1-j BAB08381 Unknown3.33.53.4
  N65722 1-k AL392144 Unknown3.82.63.2
  AA394358 1-d G96596 Unknown2.93.33.1
  AA394561 1-d,1-j,1-k AC002343 Unknown3.52.53
  T88573 1-d,1-e,1-j BAB10082 Unknown2.53.53
  AA712985 1-e A85024 Unknown3.42.42.9
  T42821 1-d A96697 Unknown23.32.7
  N95870 1-d,1-e BAB09266 Unknown3.21.92.6
  AA041108 1-d F84603 Unknown2.62.62.6
  AA712865 No protein match2.82.22.5
  N37850 1-d,1-j C96721 Unknown2.81.62.2
  R30393 1-d,1-j,1-k T48018 Unknown2.61.82.2
  AA404905 1-d D96613 Unknown2.61.72.2
  T44436 1-d C86221 Similar to yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) hypothetical protein2.21.92.1
  N97061 1-j AC007396 Unknown2.51.72.1
  H76737 1-d,1-j,1-k T47990 Unknown2.31.92.1
  N96660 1-k AB010698 Unknown1.82.42.1
  AA651091 1-d AC102562 Unknown2.31.82.1
  R30143 1-d,1-f C86410 Unknown2.31.62
  AA395824 1-j AB005240 Unknown2.21.92
  T20758 No protein match1.92.22
  W43585 No protein match1.82.22
  H36052 1-d H96798 Unknown2.11.71.9
  R30074 1-d,1-e D85014 Unknown1.62.21.9
  T46201 1-d,1-j AB010069 Unknown2.31.61.9
  T46597 1-d,1-j,1-k T48305 Unknown2.31.61.9
  H37568 1-k AF326884 Unknown2.21.71.9
  AA394961 1-d,1-j T01480 Unknown2.21.71.9
  AA395225 1-d F86200 Unknown2.21.61.9
  AA651022 1-k T14084 Unknown1.52.21.9
  R86787 1-d,1-e,1-j T48437 Unknown1.52.41.9
  T45451 1-d,1-j E86490 Unknown1.52.21.9
  N96028 1-j,1-k A86350 Unknown1.621.8
  AA042745 1-d AB016870 Lipase/hydrolase-like protein1-b
  N96263 1-l AF160973 shyc pr (Mouse/p53-inducible protein)1-b 1.911.5
Repressed genes
  N95951 AL080254 Berberine bridge enzyme-like protein3.15.64.3
  T43750 AL022140 Pectinesterase-like protein2.44.43.4
  T88304 AC007169 Stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase1.74.12.9
  N96662 AC008046 Putative pectinesterase2.42.62.5
  H36710 AP001297 Nucleotide sugar epimerase-like protein1.92.62.2
  T04189 AC008075 Alpha xylosidase precursor1.82.42.1
  R30147 AC007797 Sulfate adenylyl transferase1.62.62.1
Cellular organization and biogenesis
  AA042610 AC006072 Lipid transfer protein2.764.3
  T46457 AC004238 Extensin homolog2.43.42.9
Energy/chloroplast located
  N96255 AP000423 NADH plastoquinone oxidoreductase2.63.32.9
  T04794 AP000423 Chloroplast 50S ribosomal protein2.33.42.9
  N95853 AP000423 30S ribosomal protein2.92.12.5
  AA042459 AP000423 Photosystem I chl A ribosomal protein1.83.12.5
  T76754 AP000423 Ribosomal protein L321.63.32.4
  N96876 AC007654 Photosystem I subunit III1.53.12.3
  W43885 AP000423 Photosystem I protein2.21.92
  AA712552 AP000423 Photosystem II reaction center protein1.82.12
  T21974 AP000423 Chloroplast protease-like protein1.72.11.9
  W43521 AP000423 Photosystem II 44-kD reaction center precursor1.62.21.9
  H77088 AC006592 Homoeodomain transcription factor2.12.62.3
Protein distribution/destination/transport
  AA042384 AC006922 p-Glycoprotein1.92.72.3
  AA042644 AT08315Calnexin homolog precursor1.72.72.2
  T22409 AL035679 Cys protease RD19A precursor1.72.22
  W43857 P98205 Phospholipid-transporting ATPase1.52.31.9
  R83980 AB008267 Cys protease RD21A precursor1.621.8
  AA597751 B84606 Putative ATP synthase1.52.21.8
  T22351 AB028611 Gamma tonoplast intrinsic protein1.521.8
Cell rescue/defense
  W43838 AC002339 Receptor-like protein kinase22.22.1
  T21130 AC007017 Harpin-induced protein1.62.11.9
  AA598175 No protein match2.65.34
  AA597909 No protein match2.94.83.8
  A394830No protein match2.93.63.2
  AA713102 No protein match2.83.33
  N96775 No protein match3.32.62.9
  AA394802 No protein match2.63.12.9
  T75890 AC011663 Unknown2.33.52.9
  N96785 No protein match2.52.72.6
  T43336 AC069471 Unknown1.93.42.6
  H37549 AC010155 Unknown2.12.92.5
  H37081 A71406 Unknown2.32.52.4
  AA586206 AC011664 Unknown2.12.72.4
  N97271 C85084 Unknown1.53.32.4
  T43162 F96511 Unknown2.61.82.2
  AA395049 AC009853 Unknown2.22.12.2
  H37137 AB005246 Unknown2.12.32.2
  N96223 AC000104 Ankyrin-like protein1.62.82.2
  T42914 AL021687 Unknown2.31.92.1
  T42914 AL021687 Unknown2.31.92.1
  N96632 AC013483 Unknown1.92.42.1
  AA042200 T05877 Unknown1.72.52.1
  T04212 T10238 Unknown1.52.82.1
  R84204 AB007649 Unknown1.52.72.1
  AA395457 AL023094 Auxin-regulated protein2.21.72
  AA598031 C84663 Unknown2.11.92
  AA394401 AC013430 Unknown1.922
  N96862 No protein match2.21.61.9
  AA042489 G84923 Unknown21.91.9
  T42055 No protein match1.821.9
  AA042412 No protein match1.72.11.9
  AA042748 No protein match1.62.31.9
  T45103 D84447 Unknown1.621.8
  H37648 B96534 Unknown1.62.11.8
  AA041029 AP002048 Unknown1.521.8
  • F1-a Average channel intensity ratio of H2O2-treated over control-treated cells (induced) or vice versa (repressed) from two independent experiments (ratio 1 and ratio 2).

  • F1-b Low-abundance genes with channel intensity between 300 and 1,000.

  • F1-c Low expressed ESTs whose expression was confirmed by RNA dot blot analysis.

  • d–k Potential binding sites present in 1.1-kb upstream sequence of genomic sequences for ESTs, for redox-sensitive transcription factors (identified using PLACE database; H2O2-repressed genes not analyzed).

  • F1-d MYBCORE, CNGTTR (for all animals and AtMyb1/2).

  • F1-e MYBPLANT, MACCWAMC (all plant Mybs).

  • F1-f MYB2AT, TAACTG (AtMyb2).

  • F1-g MYBPZM, CCWACC (maize myb).

  • F1-h MYBST1, GGATA (potato mybst1).

  • F1-i MYBGAHV, TAACAAA (GA-regulated myb).

  • F1-j Ocs (AS1 element) binding site, TGACG.

  • F1-k AP1/3 binding site, TGAGTCA.

  • F1-l No upstream sequences identified in the genome.